CT Votes for Animals

Rebranding Concept

InDesign and Illustrator

We were asked to create a new brand identity for the nonprofit organization “Connecticut Votes for Animals”, as they believed their logo at the time was unsuccessful and wanted to rebrand themselves in a way that appealed to a more youthful audience while at the same time staying true to their older demographic.

While talking to the client, they showed us a shirt design that they loved and expressed that they were often recognized for. The design included an elephant, a dog, a cat, and a bird all lined up one after the other. I was inspired by how much the client loved this design and wanted to update it for them, attempting to fit all of the animals together into a cohesive logomark for their organization. Extending the branding to landing page ideas, business cards, and shirts, I wanted to use a bold green color throughout to bring about ideas of environmentalism and used reoccurring wavy shapes to refer back to the trunk of the elephant in the original logo.